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Pain, no gain

With a multitude of projects, tests and homework, Clarke Central High School sophomores have been unfairly challenged too early in their careers. “I do not understand why the teachers expected me to do a project that has no effect to my grade,” sophomore Kieffer Farber said. Cartoon by Mary Merritt By HANNAH ROLLINS – Staff

SLOing down learning

To the Georgia Department of Education, the newly implemented Student Learning Objective tests are a way to measure teacher and student performance. To administrators, they are just another thing that “must” be done. To teachers, they’re a pain. To students, they’re unsettling.

Widening the technology gap

Our generation, like every one before, will be judged by older generations. The so-called “millennials,” or those of us born around the 1990s through early 2000s, have been generalized as self-obsessed, lazy, dense and, perhaps a trait most synonymous with today’s teens, obsessed with technology.

Learning from the “Lady in the box.”

By JENNY ALPAUGH – Print Managing Editor Clarke Central High School currently utilizes Education2020 for the credit recovery. But according to school personnel, it is only successful when students are motivated to learn. One student is taking Math I, another is taking American Lit./Comp. and a third student is taking biology. All of this is

Under advisement

You walk towards the room. A few kids stand in the hallway right outside the door. Inside, some students have their heads down, some have their headphones on and some work furiously to finish their homework. Few speak to each other. The teacher tries to call the attention of the class to no avail.

Retracing a journey

For what felt like hours, I sat in the wrong terminal of ground transportation. Sitting in the Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington D.C., I nervously looked around and hoped that each passing person, anyone that looked remotely like a high school junior, was a delegate to the Al Neuharth Freedom Forum and Journalism Conference as I was.

Our Take: The election

Two fresh, new presidential candidates were preparing for war, arming their fearsome troops of campaign interns and rallying civilians to support their side as they marched through en route to the battle fields of swing states.

Born a star

Throughout the years, American culture has made a tradition of idolizing pop stars. We devour every shred of information we can forcefully suck from these star’s personal lives via television shows and tabloid magazines. In the past 50 years, though, a specific brand of celebrities has become progressively more and more popular: child stars.

First Pep Rally In Several Years A Success

By CALEB HAYES – Editor-in-Chief I never thought I would see it again. A crowded mob of screaming students enthralled in anticipation for a football game. Clarke Central High School hasn’t had a pep rally since my freshman year in 2008. This high school experience has become a myth to the freshmen, sophomores and juniors

Chanukah relit

By ALEXA FRIEDMAN – Viewpoints Editor Jewish children around the world recognize Chanukah as the one week out of the year they get to play with fire, eat as many doughnuts and potato pancakes as they want and get one present every night for eight days. However, there is a story behind the traditions of