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Quest for Athens’ Best: Pizza

The print variety staff searches for the best pizza in Athens, trying slices from two pizza places close to Clarke Central High School, Hungry Howie’s Pizza and Domino’s Pizza.

Review: Stack

Ketchapp, known for its game 2048, has released another app that has hit the top of the Apple Apps chart. Stack, released on Feb. 17 2016, has a clear objective while still providing enough challenge for the player.

Run The Jewels turns Athens up

Above: RUN THEM JEWELS FAST: Jamie “El-P” Meline, and Michael “Killer Mike” Render performs at the Georgia Theatre on April 4. Story and Photos by ROBERT WALKER – Managing Editor On April 4, rap duo Run The Jewels performed at the Georgia Theatre in front of a sold out crowd. RTJ consists of Atlanta-based rapper

Condor spreads its wings

Condor Chocolates, located at 1658 S Lumpkin St, ensures their chocolate comes from specific farms in Ecuador, rather than buying in bulk “I think for people that are really interested in food and where their food comes from will really appreciate chocolate and knowing where their food comes from it will be really beneficial,” Condor

Review: Rise, Trip Lee

By FEAR CHURCHWELL – Web Master Released on Oct. 18, Rise, Trip Lee’s sixth album, uses lyrics with overwhelming amounts of emotional and personal experiences. Being associated with the 116 Clique, a Christian Hip-Hop rap group, Lee incorporates religious lyrics into his songs. In the opening track, “Rise”, Lee expresses his belief in the God

Two one act wonders

Seniors Sam Thompson and Addie Downs perform as part of Clarke Central High School’s drama department production of John O’Brien’s “Mirrors”. Thompson and Downs both competed at the Georgia High School Association Region 8AAAAA One Act Play competition on Thu., Oct 16 at Heritage High School in Conyers, Ga. Photo by Chad Rhym. By GRACE

Review: iOS 8

The highly anticipated iPhone operating system iOS8 was released on Sept. 17. Apple coined it “the biggest iOS release ever”. The update is compatible with iPhone 4S or higher, as well as the iPod 5th generation.

Running back to Ray Rice

& being a fan of someone that’s a good player is one thing, but this is way bigger than football. Don’t be blind to what’s really important — Duke Ihenacho (@NachoLyfe) September 8, 2014 Former FBI director will probe the @NFL #RayRice case – That is all – #ISIS — Defund NPR PBS

Raised by rhythm

Sophomore Grace Walker at age six on tour with mother Shelley Olin in 2005. Olin is a 5th grade teacher at David C. Barrow Elementary School and now only performs when her shows do not interrupt her work schedule. Photo courtesy of Grace Walker. By GRACE WALKER – Staff Writer Because of her mother, sophomore

Amping up teenage musicians

medley of radiant lights flashed around the stage as the emotions of young musicians spilled out into the crowd. On June 14 and July 19, a handful of the best youth musicians in Athens perform together in their Grand Finale show at Nuci’s Space in Athens, Ga.

Surreal talent

By JAMES LUMPKIN – Variety Writer Clarke Central High School freshman Ella Sams’ skill level within art does not match her age. For her, it’s purely about passion. Almost every day, Clarke Central High School freshman Ella Sams can be found sitting in her room, toiling with her latest creation. Her piece is intricate, seemingly

Review: A Good Day to Die Hard

On Jan. 31 A Good Day to Die Hard came to Athens, Ga. John McClane (Bruce Willis) aligns with his long-lost son Jack McClane (Jai Courtney) to go on yet another action-packed adventure. Until this movie, Jack has been a vague character in the Die Hard series, and has only appeared as a child in past movies, but in this movie he is a grown man following in his father’s footsteps.

Valentine’s Day on the cheap

In all its chaotic mess, Valentine’s Day can be both incredibly stressful yet very romantic. Many people continue to wonder aimlessly in and out of stores wondering what to get their special someone, so here are some affordable tips, all under $25, to follow to get past the stressful times and get to the romantic times.

Breaking down

Directed by Bill Condon and based on the bestselling novel by Stephanie Meyer, the recent premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part Two on Nov. 16 has prompted varying responses. Overjoyed critics are calling it “the best in the series,” and “breathtaking,” while other reviews have been more antagonistic, claiming it is “only appealing to the voracious fans.”

Skyfall, a new high

The James Bond series has taken a hit in recent years. The passing of the torch from Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig was not a smooth transition. In Craig’s debut in Casino Royale, a new type of Bond was brought forth, a less brazen and a more sensitive depiction than that of Brosnan’s. With Bond fans excited with the new look, it made the failure of Quantum Solace even more disappointing.

Titanic: The recreation

Fans across the world got the chance to live up to their promise that they would “never let go” when the 3D recreation of Titanic, directed by James Cameron and originally released in 1997, was at cinemas again this past week, airing in most U.S. movie theaters on April 6. Cameron also produced the 2

Food for thought

Wait? What!? Oh, I get it! These are a few reactions heard within the halls, cafeteria and classrooms at Clarke Central High School in response to Curriculum Assistance Program department teachers Dr. Michele Burch and Tiffani Knight’s twist on lunch duty.