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Pet peeve prejudice

In recent years, vocal fry and upspeak, generally speech trends attributed to women, have been heavily criticized. The voices of young women are becoming more and more controversial, but why? Sometimes, pet peeves reveal an uglier truth. Cartoon by Ashley Lawrence By MADDIE HALL – Opinions Editor Sometimes, the line between a simple pet peeve

A cancerous love

The cancer dances around his body. It begins with a slow embrace of the colon, intertwining itself with his anatomy, becoming one. But the disease is a selfish partner, always wanting more to dance with. It begins to seduce the liver and softly cradle the lungs. Every day, is painful. Every day, the clock ticks even faster.

Running back to Ray Rice

& being a fan of someone that’s a good player is one thing, but this is way bigger than football. Don’t be blind to what’s really important — Duke Ihenacho (@NachoLyfe) September 8, 2014 Former FBI director will probe the @NFL #RayRice case – That is all – #ISIS — Defund NPR PBS

Raised by rhythm

Sophomore Grace Walker at age six on tour with mother Shelley Olin in 2005. Olin is a 5th grade teacher at David C. Barrow Elementary School and now only performs when her shows do not interrupt her work schedule. Photo courtesy of Grace Walker. By GRACE WALKER – Staff Writer Because of her mother, sophomore

Addressing the code

On August 14, student-produced signs protesting the enforcement of the CCHS dress code appeared across campus. Photo by Louise Platter. By TIERNAN O’NEILL – Viewpoints Editor “‘I AM A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL. IF YOU ARE SEXUALIZING ME, THEN YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.’” “OUR ADMINISTRATION SAYS THAT BOYS CAN’T FOCUS IN SCHOOLS BECAUSE OF WHAT GIRLS ARE

Super Bowl Predictions

Both No. 1 seeds from the National Football League’s playoffs: the American Football Conference’s Denver Broncos and the National Football Conference’s Seattle Seahawks will go face to face in a game in which one mistake could mean the death of one team’s hopes to bring home the title of ‘Super Bowl Champions.’

It’s March.

It’s March. Spring is springing up and winter is melting away. With March comes the most invigorating time of the sports fan’s year: March Madness, the NCAA basketball tourney that comes along each year.

A world through Glass

“Welcome to a world through Glass.” A very sleek, white and pristine web page is displayed before me. I click to explore, my curiosity fully piqued. Images of the future appear. Your standard eyeglass frame, stripped of typical lenses, dons a lone prismatic one to rest on the brow. Glass opens a window inside of this lense making viewing possible without stopping normal activity.

Move your Arsenal

It has been five years since Arsenal Football Club won the Barclays Premier League championship, England’s most competitive soccer league, and that’s rather upsetting. Arsenal has a long history of doing a lot of winning, with such English soccer hall-of-famers like Thierry Henry, Tony Adams and Denis Bergkamp.

Tales of my father

My father came to the U.S. as a recent college graduate trying to escape a civil war. He landed in Boston’s Logan International Airport with twenty dollars in his pocket and an idea about the American Dream.

The ODYSSEY predicts the Oscars

The 2012 film season was one widely-regarded as a revolutionary year for movies. Curveball independent films like Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild surprised us with their emotional depth, and big-time, epic blockbusters such as Zero Dark Thirty and Argo held us on the edge of our seats. On Feb. 24, the much-anticipated Academy Awards will select the best of the best. But for now, we’re picking the winners.

I resolve to…

At the beginning of ever year, we make resolutions for the upcoming year, most of them we will never keep. But year after year continue to make promises to ourselves that we will be better. If we know that our resolutions are going to fail, why do we keep on making them? I think resolutions are a good idea but a lot of people, myself included, take the wrong approach to making them.