iliad Literary-Art Magazine

The iliad is a student-run literary art magzine at Clarke Central High School. The iliad is published annually and expresses the minds of students and faculty at CCHS through short stories, editorials, articles, poetry, essays, art, photography, original music and other creative works.

In addition to the self expression of CCHS students and faculty, the iliad actively encourages and recruits rising ninth grade students from both Clarke Middle School and Burney-Harris-Lyons Middle School to submit creative works.

The iliad staff is composed of student volunteers led by an editorial board. The 2018 iliad staff consists of Editor-in-Chief Violet Merritt, Managing Editor Killan Griffin, Visuals Director Beatrice Acheson and Writing Director Camille Flurry.  The iliad‘s faculty adviser is David A. Ragsdale.

Entropy – iliad Literary-Art Magazine 2017


Dimension – iliad Literary-Art Magazine 2016


Noumena – iliad Literary-Art Magazine 2015


Catharsis – iliad Literary-Art Magazine 2014


Interactions – iliad Literary Magazine 2013


To read earlier issues of the iliad, please stop by the ODYSSEY room at Clarke Central High School (Room 231).