Q&A: reflecting on the cross country

Clarke Central High School track members senior William White and freshman Joseph Conaway run during track practice after school on April 25. Conoway practices every day after school with his team to train and prepare for meets and events. “We usually run every day,” Conaway said. “The only time we ever take off is after a race if we need to like rest our legs.”/h6>

By LUCIA BERMUDEZ – Print Editor-in-Chief

Clarke Central High School freshman Joseph Conaway, a member of the CCHS cross country and track team, reflects on his season and sets goals for the future.

ODYSSEY Newsmagazine Editor-in-Chief Lucia Bermudez: How did you get your start in running long distance?

Clarke Central High School freshman and track runner Joseph Conaway: I ran cross country in middle school, but I didn’t really like it. My dad was a really good runner in high school and college, so he just kind of started making me run a little bit. I originally ran cross country for wrestling, and then I made the varsity team, but I just stopped wrestling because I liked running better.

LB: What have you learned during your first year as a runner on both the cross country and long distance track teams at Clarke Central High School?

JC: I know how to work with the team. When I started cross country, I didn’t ever run with them. I’d just sprint all the runs and they’d get mad at me because I didn’t know how to take an easy day, but now (senior) William (White) showed me I need to take an easy day, so I don’t get injured.

LB: What are some struggles you have faced as a runner?

JC: I got injured at the end of the cross country season. We made it to state but I couldn’t run at state because I couldn’t walk any more. I got injured because I didn’t ever go easy and I didn’t stretch. (It was a struggle) just getting back in shape because it sucked to get back in shape after I had to take off for a month and a half.

LB: What is something you have enjoyed about your experience on the track team this season?

JC: I like how the distance team works together. Like White, who’s the team captain of it, he’s pushed me a lot because he’s faster than me. Area was also really fun. I placed fourth and I just thought that was really fun.

LB: What are some of your goals currently as a runner and looking ahead to the future?

JC: I’m hoping to (break my personal record) by about 20 seconds tomorrow and then if I make it out of that, then we got Sectionals and State. I think I’m going to try to win state, at least my senior year. For the mile I want to go sub 4:10, and for the 5k at least 15th lap. I think it’s just easier for me because I’m just kind of talented at it and I just like winning.

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