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Curriculum Assistance Program for Students (CAPS) department teacher Lynn Queen and principal Marie Yuran pose for a photo on April 28. Queen was recognized as Clarke Central High School’s paraprofessional of the year. “This award is awesome, but it’s not only me,” Queen said. “We have, I think, 11 other parapros. Nobody can do this job on their own. It takes all of us.” Photo by Valeria Garcia-Pozo.


On April 28, Clarke Central High School’s teacher and paraprofessional of the year were announced.

On April 28, math department teacher Alex Henson and Curriculum Assistance Program for Students (CAPS) department teacher Lynn Queen were named the teacher and paraprofessional of the year, respectively, for Clarke Central High School.

“This is one of my favorite days of the year, of course, because we get to celebrate a parapro and a teacher that’s doing amazing things here at Clarke Central,” principal Marie Yuran said. “Today, we got to honor two folks that are giving all that they’ve got to students on a daily basis here at Clarke Central.”

In order to qualify for the award, each educator had to be teaching at Clarke Central for at least three years and were voted on by their fellow teachers. Henson feels it is an honor to have been chosen.

“It’s just a really huge thing to be recognized as somebody who’s contributing,” Henson said. “I think all the four people on the ballot are amazing teachers, and so it’s a huge honor even to have made it to the ballot, and then to win.”

Queen believes her co-workers have been a crucial part of her gaining recognition as the paraprofessional of the year, and credits CAPS department teacher David Sells as a main influence.

“I’m not winning it for me. I’m winning it for everybody in (the Low-Incidence Disabilities program),” Queen said. “(Sells has) really led me to see a different side and do things completely different. This is my 22nd year, and so, it’s different every school you go to, but he’s done a lot for us this year, and he’s wonderful to work for.”

Henson credits her recognition to the disposition with which she faces teaching.

“What I strive to do every day is just to be the best teacher that I can for the students and to promote positive attitude even on tough days and with tough things, just to be a positive person here, and I hope that it’s because of what I’ve done with my students,” Henson said.

Likewise, Queen believes a factor to her winning paraprofessional of the year was the kindness she presents to students.

“I’m very compassionate, towards everybody, no matter who it is. Not only our kids, but everybody here. If anybody needs anything, they know that they can come to me. If they’re hungry, if they need some clothes. Whatever it is, I try to help them,” Queen said.

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