Coloring with “Lake Coloring”

“Lake Drawing Book” is a virtual coloring book that allows users to color a variety of designs. While the app is enjoyable, there are many restrictions that come along with the free version. Visual by Olivia Ripps.

By OLIVIA RIPPS – Sports Editor

“Lake Coloring,” a virtual coloring book, is a unique game for users to express themselves, show off their artistic abilities and reduce their stress levels, but it is only good while it lasts.

The game, “Lake Drawing Book,” released by “Lake Coloring,” is a virtual coloring book, that was most recently updated on Mar. 21, 2017. The app has been designed to help reduce stress and give the artist the opportunity to express themselves through visuals on one’s iPhone or iPad.

The app provides the user with over five tools including an acrylic and watercolor brush, a spray can, a filling tool and an eraser. There are also over 245 color options. The tools and colors are easily accessible on the app.

These tools are key in creating virtual art that is easily shareable with friends. With just the press of a button, one is able to send their artwork with friends via email, text message, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Although the app is a unique outlet for users, it is only a valuable tool while it lasts. Users are only provided with one free drawing a day. This completely limits the individual’s use on the app because of their limited chances to create. Additionally, users are unable to select their picture to color with paying.

If one is interested in creating more pictures, they have the option of purchasing a subscription, where they are able to create as many pieces as desired. The subscriptions are costly though, starting at $7.99 a month or $39.99 a year.

Although there is only one free picture available a day, “Lake Coloring” is a unique tool for users to express themselves with many different colors and tools.

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