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Clarke Central High School’s Governor’s Honors Program individuals (left to right) Amelia Goodwin, Joseph Clarke and Rain Pavlic. The three juniors will head to Berry College in Rome, GA during the summer to participate in the prestigious program. “I am really excited to meet new people and honesty learn from the different students I am working with. I have a lot to learn in the engineering field and so beside being nervous, I’m excited to learn about this extremely important and ever changing field that is engineering through my work in design,” Pavlic said. Photo by Delia Adamson.

By DELIA ADAMSON – Print News Editor

Rising juniors and seniors from across the state received notice of their acceptance or denial for the 2017 Governor’s Honors Program.

Three juniors from Clarke Central High School were selected to attend the Governor’s Honors Program, which is to be held at Berry College in Rome, GA. The four-week summer program allows roughly 700 students from across the state of Georgia to pursue academic and cultural enrichment, focus on their major area of student and to network with other students and facilitators.

The program pushes for students to prepare for collegiate life by enforcing communal living in the dorms provided by Berry College. During this time, students will partake in different organized social and academic activities.

The CCHS selected individuals are Amelia Goodwin in theater design, Rain Pavlic in design/engineering and Joseph Clarke in music.

“I’m looking forward to learn more about theatre design. There aren’t very many chances to explore the field at Clarke Central, so I’m really excited to have a chance to learn more about theatre design. I also think that it will just be a really cool experience in general,” Goodwin said.

According to Pavlic, her passion for design has been years in the making.

“Being able to create something to capture someone else’s eye is an amazing gift to possess, so I have always wanted to be able to do that. More recently, I wanted a way to combine my interests in informing people about current events in a visually appealing way, so design was an outlet for this,” Pavlic said.

Students selected for the program fall under one of 11 academic majors: agriculture science, communicative arts, dance, engineering, mathematics, music, science, social studies, theater, visual arts and world languages.

“I’ve always loved design and figuring out how to make things look cool and when I got into theater I saw an opportunity to mix my interests,” Goodwin said.

Clarke is excited to further his knowledge in music with hopes to learn from her peers at the program.

“I mean of course I’m gonna meet a ton of new people and I’m gonna have fun doing all sorts of activities but really I’m excited to be in a group with some really top notch musicians and make some awesome music,” Clarke said. “Since all of the musicians there are playing at a state level they’re all going to be really, really good, so it’s going to be fast paced and it’s going to challenge me. I’m going to have to learn a lot of music in a short amount of time I think that’s going to be fun and I think it will help me learn and gain some new skills that I might need when I move on to college.”

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