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Maker Faire 2016

Clarke Central High School hosted the first annual Clarke County School District Maker Faire on April 1. Photos by Julie Alpaugh.

By JULIE ALPAUGH – Senior Visuals Coordinator

On April 1, Clarke Central High School hosted the first annual school district maker faire. Clarke County School District students were able to present their creations.

The Clarke County School District Maker Faire, which CCSD media specialists organized together, was at Clarke Central High School on April 1. This event featured projects with technology, science, arts and crafts and music.

At the event there were three zones which focused on specific themes. Zone one had science, technology, and engineering tables, zone two had arts and crafts and zone three had music, robotics and agriculture projects.

“(I thought that the crafts showed) the variety and just the different levels of students and creativity and how they are able to express their own individual love,” Carrie Siegmund, Northeast Georgia Regional Educational Service Agency Instructional Technology Director, said.

Guests from Athens Clarke County were able to see work from elementary, middle and high school students and members in the Athens community.

Barrow Elementary School first grader Patrick Coverdill made wooden gliders to display at the faire.

“They’re made out of valse wood. They’re really light and you can launch them by the back of the rubber band. (You pull them) back and then (let) go,” Coverdill said

Lyndon House Spinner Veronica Hadfield demonstrates how yarn is spun at her tent during the Clarke County School District Maker Faire on April 1.

The Lyndon House Spinners were showcasing how they spun yarn using wool and alpaca fibers to weave yarn.

“I enjoy the process. It’s very relaxing for me and it’s fun so the time it can vary. It depends on how precise you want it and what you’re making what you want to do with it,” Lyndon House Spinner Veronica Hadfield said.

Siegmund was impressed by the turnout of attendees at the event and how the event turned out.

“It’s more than I imagined,” Siegmund said. “I walked out to the car and the parking lot’s full and it’s a excellent representation of our district. It’s really exciting.”

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