CCHS hosts Google Leadership Roundtable

Google for Education Leadership Workshop

Click picture to view gallery of pictures of the Google for Educational Leadership Roundtable. Photos by Julie Alpaugh.

By JULIE ALPAUGH – Senior Visuals Coordinator

Clarke Central High School hosted the Google for Education Leadership Roundtable on March 30. Educators from across the state came to observe the school and discuss technology in schools.

The Google for Education Leadership Roundtable was held at Clarke Central High School on March 30. Administrators and teachers from around the state of Georgia gathered to expand and share their knowledge about the use of technology in their school system.

The event was sponsored by Google for Education and was put together through a collaboration between Google and the Clarke County School District (CCSD).

“We had been in touch with Google, because we are a Google district. They reached out and then they saw the amazing things that were going on with both students and teachers in CCSD,” CCSD Instructional Technology (IT) specialist Clint Winter said.

Attendees had the opportunity to spend the day observing the work teachers and administrators are doing with technology by visiting classrooms and seeing teachers use one-to-one technology, hearing keynote speaker Google Global Education Evangelist Jaime Casap and attending sessions geared towards their technology interests.

“The idea was we were sharing our experience. We are one of the only districts around that have one-to-one in Northeast Georgia. A lot of these school districts may be thinking of going one-to-one or they have just started going one-to-one so we kinda show some of the things we do well and some of the things we needed to go back and revamp and work on,” Winter said.

Oconee County School District IT specialist Brian Felker was specifically interested in CCSD’s implementation of one-to-one technology.

“We are a Google district and we wanted to learn more about using Google with the one-to-one environment because we are getting ready to start a one-to-one initiative in our county and we have heard great stories of what is going on in CCSD,” Felker said.

The event allowed people with a common interest in expanding their knowledge of technology to come together and network.

“It pulls together like-minded people that have the same purpose and that is to enhance the instructional program through digital tools and approaches,” University of Georgia professor Sally Zepeda said.

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