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Chiat/Day Art Director Susan Alinsangan came up with the design for the Apple “dancing silhouette” advertisements in 2003. Since then, the Apple ads have continued to develop alongside their products. Photo by Apple. Multimedia within article by Aneesa Conine-Nakano

By CONNOR MCCAGE – Staff Writer

Staff writer Connor McCage reflects on the Apple iPhone, released 10 years ago, as it relates to landmarks in many Generation Z lives.

A month after I was born on Dec. 30, 2000, Apple released an advertisement for a device that would shake the music world. This device, called the iPod, would be released in October of the following year as I and many others born in Generation Z were taking our first steps.

Before I could even sing a full song, Apple released the first generation of the white Apple earbuds with the iPod. Those headphones would eventually evolve into the earpods we now use on a daily basis now.

The iPod was then marketed as we entered elementary school with the iconic dancing silhouettes advertisement.

The “Apple superiority” that we accept today began with the “I am an Apple, and I am a PC” advertisement that was released as we were learning multiplication in 2006.

By summer of 2007, the first generation iPhone was released and surpassed the Blackberry as the smartphone to beat at the time.

Since its release, there have been more upgrades such as the Siri voice system, bigger touchscreen and Touch ID.

As a generation, we have grown up with Apple devices as the go to and must have products in our life. When was the last time you walked down the halls of your school and saw someone on FaceTime or playing 8-ball pool via iMessage?

Apple products have become an integral part of our daily lives, whether it be in Clarke Central High School’s computer labs or in the hands of students. It affects users and non-users alike.

I would know (I have an Android).

Apple has managed to market their products as the product to beat, and as long as the continuing generations of iPhones and iOS continue to improve and evolve, they are posed to stay that way.

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