Quiz: What type of promposal are you?

Quiz: What type of promposal are you?

With prom approaching, promposals (and pollen) are in the air! Take this quiz to find out which promposal best fits your personality.

Simple and romantic

When it comes to confronting your crush, you go for the simple and intimate choice. Even though it’s simple, it sure comes from the heart, and will definitely score you a “yes!”

Sporty and bold

“Go big or go home,” is your motto in life! When it comes to promposals, why stray from what you know? Win your sweetheart’s presence at prom with a cute sports pun and a healthy dose of confidence.

Classic and sweet

In the case of promposals, your best bet is going with something both timeless and delicious! When it comes from the heart(y helping of sugar,) your special someone won’t be able to resist.

Cheeky and grand

You don’t like to beat around the bush, and promposals are no different! With so many options to choose from, go with something impressive and sure to get your crush’s attention. How could they say no in front of an audience?

Dramatic and elaborate

Making an impression is your way to go! Planning a promposal that’ll surprise (in a good or bad way) can make a impact that your date will remember the rest of their life.

On a first date, where would you most like to go?

A drive in movie

A picnic

A sports game

A restaurant

A party

Which of these movies is your favorite?

The Notebook


The Blind Side

Forest Gump

What’s your favorite type of fast food?

Taco Bell all the wayyy

Literally anything from Chick-fil-a

Papa John’s, obv!

Raising Cane’s, can’t beat that sauce

Any type of Chinese take out

Which superlative are you?

Most likely to be class clown

Most athletic

Most artistic

Most likely to be famous

Most likely to be class flirt

Most likely to have a “happily ever after”

Which Spice Girl are you?

Posh Spice

Sporty Spice

Scary Spice

Baby Spice

Ginger Spice

Pick a television show

Grey’s Anatomy

Pretty Little Liars


Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Modern Family

Which of these is the closest to your a dream job?





Professional sports player



What promposal matches your personality? Copy Editors Christina Kurian and Violet Merritt can answer that question with this new quiz.

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