ODYSSEY Online a 2012 NSPA Online Pacemaker finalist

By AUSTIN DeFOOR – Web Master

Coming into the 2011-12 school year, I joined the ODYSSEY staff as nothing but an eager student wishing to grow my passion for journalism.

Graphic by Austin DeFoor.

After receiving the news that ODYSSEY Online was an Online Pacemaker finalist (view the press release ), the National Scholastic Press Association’s most prestigious award, I had to stop and think.

I thought about all that I had done to revamp the website and all the people that were so supportive of my efforts. I thought about the tireless hours I’ve spent saving the website when I entered a wrong line of code. I thought about how the website started as a simple blog and how it’s grown into a great news website. I thought about how much I’ve spent comparing the website to others; borrowing their ideas and making improvements to them.

A calculator would probably break if I were to calculate all of this time together.

Nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment felt when something so good has you and your program’s name on it.

However, I have to owe a majority of the thank you to the 2,145 visitors that have generated almost 18,000 pageviews for the website as well as a staff that has been very supportive of this welcoming change to the program.

The Online Pacemaker is just one goal for the website in our ongoing pursuit to integrate our printed product with a domain name.

To our viewers and to the staff: Thank you.

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  1. ginsuz said:

    This recognition is well-deserved. You have done a tremendous job with the website this year, and it has truly become an informative and entertaining resource. Keep up the good work; all those hours are paying off!

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