The last goodbye

By KWANZAA DUNBAR – Guest Writer

I got the news Sunday. My mom came home from her truck driving orientation and told me I would be moving with my Dad. “You have a week to say goodbye to all of your friends” she said. She would be gone for three weeks at a time and didn’t want me staying at the house that long by myself on a regular basis.

I understand fully that she’s just looking out for my safety, but it’s my senior year. I was really looking forward to homecoming, senior ditch day, senior prank day, senior picnic and especially prom.

Now all I have to look forward to is a school full of kids I don’t know and have nothing in common with. The only two people I’m happy to see are my brother and my sister.

I usually visit them over the summer but now I’ll be living with them. I’m leaving everything and everybody I know and love, especially my boyfriend and my music group.

We were working on so many songs. Now we’ll have to do everything by email or regular mail. Long distance relationships are hard but I’m willing to try and hope it works out. I even had some song I was trying to do for the school. But none of those things matter now.

One of my teachers told me everything happens for a reason and to look to the bright side of the situation. I have yet to come up with a bright side and, to be honest, I don’t really want to.

That saying, “you never miss your water until your well runs dry”, really hits home in this situation. I knew I would miss all my friends but I thought I would at least have the rest of this year with them before we all went our separate ways.

There are so many little things I never really thought about that I’m going to miss: The people I know who speak to me in the hallway, the handshake I do every time I see someone from our group and the silly people I’ve grown to love that make every occasion a fun time. Take this as reminder: be grateful for what you have because it could all be gone at a moment’s notice.


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  1. ginsuz said:

    I am thrilled that you featured this special and talented student, and very sad to see her go.

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