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News on new media center

The new Clarke Central High School media center will begin its reconstruction on Dec. 11. The new library will accommodate many beneficial resources and characteristics.



The Stoudenmire Bowl

Clarke Central High School will host East Hall and Winder Barrow High Schools on Dec. 16 in the Stoudenmire Bowl, a tri-meet between three wrestling teams each coached by a Stoudenmire brother.


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Fighting with Fury

Director David Ayer’s Fury, released on Oct. 17, is a jarringly blunt depiction of the trials faced by soldiers during World War II. Centering on the five-man crew of a Sherman tank, Fury tells the story of the men, not the war.



Rhym: Black lives matter

It’s hard to explain the terror of being a black man in America until you witness people who look just like you murdered once a month. I’m 6’2”, young and black, why should I even have to consider putting on a hoodie every morning?



From teaching to critiquing

Clarke Central High School Advanced Placement U.S. government and economics teacher Drew Wheeler’s job is not only teaching. He also writes movie reviews for the Flagpole.