SLO start

By ELLA SAMS – Broadcast Staff Student Learning Objective assessments, put in place to evaluate teachers, have caused Clarke County School District teachers and officials to disagree with the importance of these tests. The Student Learning Objective assessments took effect at the beginning of the school year and will reappear within the next few weeks

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Advanced Placement displacement

Due to the ongoing construction at Clarke Central High School this year, the Advanced Placement exams will be given at an alternative site.


Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies

Mo’ne Davis is the real MVP

At 13 years old, Mo’ne Davis is still a better team player than the college baseball player who snubbed her online.



Frozen Lemonade at Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A’s new frozen lemonade is a healthy alternative to their calorie-rich milkshakes, but lacks their flavor



Platter: Political history

There’s nothing un-American about the Advance Placement United States History Curriculum.



Gatekeeper to the community

Upon walking into the main entrance of Clarke Central High School, visitors see a sliding glass window with a laminated sign that reads ‘FRONT OFFICE.’ Tucked away behind those windows sits Linda Glenn at her desk, a CCHS graduate and current secretary of 12 years.